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Trade Zero Broker Review Update

Trade Zero has come a long way since our last review! In this article we are going to cover some of the major changes they’ve made to their platform and service.

For pricing and commission structure, please see our previous blog post here!

What's New with Trade Zero?

Trade Zero has upped their game once again. Their variety of new updates has brought to light why they are one of the top retail brokers for active traders.

They have tremendously improved their locates, charts, client reach, Zero PRO platform, and mobile app.

Locates/Borrows: Surplus and Innovation

This is an area of improvement which has truly revolutionized the game for short sellers. Betting against stocks can be an expensive endeavor in the small cap niche because before you can initiate a short position you must borrow the shares (at a per share cost fee).

Trade Zero has ALWAYS been one of the best, if not the top retail broker for locating shares on the most HTB (Hard-to-borrow) stocks and has now brought a brand-new feature to put back some money into the pockets of its short selling customers:

This new feature is the ability to return locates back for a rebate credit!

Essentially, once you borrow shares of a stock, whether you use the shares or not, you can offer the shares up for a credit and sell it back to Trade Zero. Once your shares are bought back you will receive a 25-50% rebate of the borrow fee.

Note: your shares are not guaranteed to be bought back, it is based on supply and demand, but if you find for some reason possessing the shares no longer interests you, then you can potentially earn back some of what you paid which is a huge feature! 

How do I Return Borrowed Shares for Credit?

Simple! Once the shares have been borrowed, scroll to the ‘Short List’ window and click on the ‘Inventory’ Tab. This will display the borrowed shares of stock you have and to the right of that you will see a quantity box and ‘Credit’ button. Just input the amount of shares you’d like to sell back and click ‘Credit’. Your shares will then be placed in a queue of available shares for other customers to purchase from on a first come, first serve basis.

Short Locator where you can manage your inventory and credit your borrows back for a 25-50% refund!


Keep in mind that when your shares are offered for a credit, you cannot put on a short position because your shares are technically not in your inventory anymore, therefore not in your available shares to use (but by hitting the cancel button at the top it will immediately return your shares into your inventory for immediate use again). 

Charting: Refined. Customized. Detailed.

Anybody looking to reduce the costs they spend on external charting won’t have to look further than Trade Zero, their newly updated charts will serve new and even experienced traders quite well.

Charting has been an area in which some users of Trade Zero would rely on third party applications for but with these new updated charts, traders can very easily get great detailed charts using what is provided directly on the new platform itself!

The overall presentation of the charts has made all the difference. Compared to last year’s charts, they’ve added more indicators and tools you can annotate with.

New Additions

In addition, they offer customization to indicators such as VWAP, providing the ability to change its calculation based on regular trading hours or with Pre/Post data. Drawing levels of resistance, support and trend-lines has been much smoother and the visuals on the candlesticks are more appealing and crisper.

Trade Zero Now Accepts US Clients

As anticipated (and widely awaited), Trade Zero has opened a branch in the United States and are taking on clients in the USA!

If you’ve been paying those ridiculous platform and data fees from other brokers, insane commissions, or were getting sick and tired of never having locates/borrows on hard to borrow stocks, Trade Zero is here to take all that weight off your back! 

NO Trading Commissions for USA Clients!

Trade Zero USA charges no trading commissions for buys or sells regardless if its a market or a limit order!

US citizens can finally open an account and take full advantage of a quality and inexpensive platform, flawless executions, free trades, borrows on all the HTB (hard to borrow) stocks and the wonderful ability to get rebates for your locates.

Trade Zero USA and PDT Rule:

Their US branch does fall subject to the PDT limitations (unlike the international branch) as they do follow all US regulations (they follow all the rules and don't cut any corners), but this is a staple for every US broker and I am glad they are proving to be in the brokerage game for the long haul by following the rules and regulations. 

Trade Zero USA is also FINRA regulated and an SIPC member. 

Updated Mobile App

We have asked, they have delivered! They offer 4 platforms. Their most premium software is the Zero PRO (this is the platform we use and recommend), but they also offer two web-based platforms (one of which is free), and a free mobile app for both android and apple devices as well.

For those who cannot be at their trading desk for the whole session or have to abruptly leave in the middle of a trade, the mobile app meets all your needs. With revised charts, and watch-list configurations, in addition to the ability to grab locates on your phone, Trade Zero offers an excellent way for traders who require location flexibility to put on and manage trades.

New Mobile App Features:

Some great features you can find directly on their mobile app is the ability to pull up fundamental data on stocks such as their Market Cap, Average Volume, 52-Week High, etc. Also, you can find news relevant to any stock you are trading or looking to trade. The Mobile app isn’t as detailed or loaded as the Zero PRO software but it fully equips mobile traders with everything they’d need from locates, to charting, to trade management and fundamental data.

trade zero mobile app

Mobile App Screeshot. New Charts, Ability to Locate Borrows/Shorts via the Platform. Built in News feed, Watch-Lists, and more!

New and Improved Zero Pro Platform

Something I’ve mentioned in my last Trade Zero review was that they’ve hired top of the line developers who have been diligently at work improving the software monthly with feedback from its clients. The PRO software is always improving, with the addition of new tools and features they are constantly adding, bugs are bound to pop up. But, with their top of the line customer service (which is 24/7 and instant), along with their team of developers, the software becomes more and more user friendly and easier to operate.

Updated Features:

Some of the features they’ve improved upon include Level 2 display, integration between option order windows and charts, shortcuts to improve the user’s ability to execute orders, (for example, features to pre-populate quantity with current position remaining using the ‘Position’ button), color variance for the background in the charting to distinguish between Pre/Post data, and many other fine-tuned adjustments to allow for the most ease of use and convenience for traders. A list of every update they’ve done this year, along with what they’ve improved upon can be found here.

As you will find, they place importance on every detail of the service they provide in order to meet traders demands and needs and have no problem taking criticism and feedback from its users in order to put forth the best product possible. Their progression from last year to this year is proof of that, as they have addressed a plethora of issues and redefined their benchmarks, and I have no doubt they will continue to do so.

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In Conclusion

Trade Zero is one of the leading retail brokers on the scene and I am proud to say I have been a client of theirs for over 3 years now. Their top of the line software, customer service, locates, executions, commissions and rates for software and data are among the best out there. Furthermore, with the back-end team they’ve put together, they are continuously pumping out new, innovative features and updates to meet any and all customer feedback. Redefined charting, easy to use order configurations, free commissions, locates galore and now locate rebates to top it off, going with Trade Zero is a no brainier.

Remember, having the right tools for the job is very important, but the most important aspect of trading is having a back-tested and proper trading system that can produce the results you want as a trader. Please check out this blog post to learn more about developing a profitable trading system and until next time, trade safe and trade smart! 

trade zero guide

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