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Learn how to Trade Stocks, Options, and Futures with our Live Trading Chat room.

Our live trading rooms are designed to allow users to follow and learn from a veteran day trader with over 15 years of market experience via live streaming and a 24/7 chat room with detailed real-time trading for everyone to follow and learn from.

If you're looking to learn the foundation of a successful trading strategy that was developed over many years, you've come to the right place! In our chat room you will find day trading, swing trading, small caps, and large-cap trading rooms for traders of all levels. 

The best part about our trading community is that we are all trading the same core strategy/system so it reduces noise/clutter and makes for a great trading environment. 


The LiveStream Trading Community

Day Trading Chat Room

Join Our Team and Get Full Access to:

✅ Live Streamed Trades and Chat Room Alerts

✅ Detailed Analysis in Real-Time

✅ Daily Webinars with Q&A Sessions

✅ Recorded Live Trading Recaps

✅ Two FREE Trading Courses and over 2000 Video Lessons

✅ Access to Personal Support in Your Trading Journey

✅ A Welcoming Community of Helpful Traders

LiveStream Trading is the Affordable All-in-One Solution for the Developing Trader who wants to LEARN while they EARN!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why LiveStream Trading

    At LiveStream Trading we offer the most in depth, easy to follow live market commentary that simply cant be achieved with a chat room alone. The purpose of our all day live stream is to share intimate details on every trade, setup, and be able to give clear step-by-step live trade walk-thrus that even a beginner can follow. Follow and learn from live trades from entry to exit and join us each day for a daily training webinar.

  • When Do You Live Stream?

    We begin live streaming our pre-market scanner at 830am EST so you can see what's moving in the market each morning. At 915am EST we go live and start discussing our watch-list and trade ideas for the morning. At market open we start discussing and planning trades for the morning, executing them live on the stream (and in the chat room) for our members to follow and learn from in real time. We do a daily training / recap webinar at 330pm each day which typically lasts 45 minutes and gives a chance for our students to ask questions if they need clarification on any trade setups.

  • Do I Need to be Listening to the LiveStream to get the Full Benefit of the Service?

    Absolutely not! You can simply follow along in our chat room if you can't join us on the live stream. All of our trades and ideas are posted ahead of time, before the trade, in our chat room to follow and learn from. After market close, you can watch the recap webinar of our trading day on the live stream anytime you want. We have over 1000 recap webinars recorded from each trading day so you can learn anytime that is convenient for you!

  • What Do the Daily Webinars Entail?

    At the end of each trading day we record a recap webinar of every trade, signal, and idea from that trading day. We also ask and answer questions from our students in each daily training webinar as well. We also look at our students trades (if they ask) and give feedback on how they could be trading our system better. These helpful training webinars usually last about 45 minutes to an hour. No question goes unanswered!

  • Why Are the Courses Free?

    At LiveStream Trading we don't believe in nickel and diming our students with expensive courses. We want our trading strategy to be learned and accessible to anyone who is willing to learn. At this time we are proud to say that all of our courses and video lessons are FREE with any membership level, which is a huge benefit to every LiveStream Trading client. 

  • What Do The Courses Entail?

    Beginner Trading Course (Starting Trading From Scratch):

    - Setting up your trading platform

    - Learn Basic Candlestick Charting

    - Drawing and Understanding Support and Resistance Lines

    - Drawing and Understanding Flag Lines.

    - Expectancy and the Math Behind our Trading Strategy/System.

    - A Typical Traders Journey and What to Expect.

    Systematic Trading Course (You Know the Basics and Want to Learn How to Make Money Trading):

    - Risk Management System (Learn our core risk management system - the pinnacle of a successful trading strategy)

    - Our 4 Main Trade Setups (Learn the exact trade setups that we use over and over again to profit in the market with specific criteria to validate each trade).

    - Long Strategy for Mid and Large Cap Stocks (How to safely and effectively join the trend of a stock with minimal risk using multiple time frame charts and setups)

    - Learn the one simple indicator we use to gauge extension in the market and qualify good trades.

    - Letting Winners Run (Learn how to let winners run using one simple indicator and one simple chart pattern, and determine exactly where to sell or cover before the herd).

    - Execution (Learn how to quickly and effectively execute trades with your trading platform)

    - Tape Reading (Learn how to effectively read the tape on your Level 2 / Time and Sales)

    - Simplifying the Morning Trade (Learn how to simplify the morning trades by watching for one of two simple patterns that typically form after 10am EST)

    - Scanning Stocks (Learn how to scan for stocks and trades)

    - Learn how to Trade Both Sides (Learn how to identify good long AND short side trades).

    - Risk vs Reward Profiles (Learn how to properly identify and define risk vs reward scenarios so you know which trades to avoid)

    - How to build your trading account from the ground up

    - Fundamental Research (Learn how to identify when there are fundamental problems with a stock and how those can affect the way it trades)

    - 1000's of daily recap webinars covering any trading topic you can imagine - search our library and find almost ANYTHING!

    - Systematic Trading - Hone Your Statistical Edge (MUST WATCH! Discussion on my evolution as a trader over 15 years and what lead me to using a rule-based systematic approach to trading. How to get a statistical edge in trading by utilizing our strategy on a daily basis)

  • Who is LiveStream Trading?

    LiveStream Trading is run by 5 professional traders who each bring their own niche and style to the table to maximize the overall value of our group. Jeff (@LiveStream Trading) is our head trader and moderator, specializing in timing and executing low risk trade plans on momentum stocks with big reward potential. Jeff's live streams his desktop daily for our group members walking them through live trades step-by-step while sharing strategy, technical analysis, DAILY recorded training webinars and much more. Jeff has also hand vetted chat room moderators who have demonstrated exceptional value who all add their own style and niche to create a well rounded trading environment. 

  • Do You Give Trade Alerts in the Chat Room?

    Yes. Every trade is discussed well in advance with a specific entry point, stop loss, and profit target and these trades are walked thru step-by-step on the stream. We even draw out the expected patterns on the live stream and post charts with drawings explaining the expected outcome in the chat room so you can see exactly what we are looking for and when we are planning to enter and exit our trades. 

  • I Can Only Trade Part Time - Can I Still Benefit From LiveStream Trading?

    Absolutely! Our daily recap webinars and FREE courses will provide you with all the knowledge and insight you need to learn our strategy step-by-step and skip the steep learning curve that hurdles all beginning traders. Save yourself years of hard work and learn what works in the market right from the start. Our trading strategy/system also works great for swing trading, you simply just need to apply the concepts taught to larger time frame charts. 

  • If I get a Monthly Membership can I Upgrade to a Quarterly or Yearly Subscription? How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

    Absolutely. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription with LiveStream Trading at any time with one single click in the members area of our website.

  • We Are Looking Forward to Working With You to Reach Your Trading Goals!