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Are you ready to get a great start in your trading career and develop positive habits that will last a lifetime? Good!

In the following module we are going to take you through the first video lesson in our Systematic Trading Course outlining the pinnacle of any successful traders strategy - proper risk management!

Without risk management, its impossible to become a full time trader and ditch the 9-5 job, so lets dive in and get started with the most important lesson in our series (Yes, even more important than the 4 main trade setups we use that achieve over an 80% win rate! When you watch the video, you'll know why!)

Systematic Trading Course

Video Lesson #1 - Risk Management System

Learn our core risk management system - The pinnacle of a successful strategy.

This is Just the Beginning of Your Training!


While this video provides a great starting foundation for a winning strategy, this is just the beginning of our video lesson series. In our comprehensive courses and daily training webinars you will learn exactly what it takes to become a full time stock trader!

It took me many years to develop my winning strategy, so you can skip the guesswork and headaches and get right to what works for me, and then tweak it to your preference based you on your "trading personality"!




Successful Trading Starts HERE!

At LiveStream Trading we have always prided ourselves on providing the best, most honest and reliable information on current trading strategies that we use every day. We also take pride in helping those who can't afford expensive courses, so we include both of our comprehensive trading courses for FREE with any membership level for our valued clients with two valuable options:

1. A free beginners course to teach you the basics. Everything you need to get started with stock trading from the very beginning!

2. Our comprehensive course with detailed strategy is included for free to all of our trading team members! Simply sign up for any membership as low as $97 and get access to all of our features including BOTH trading courses, over 1500 daily recap webinars, our live trading chat room, daily live stream, daily training webinars / Q&A session, and much more!


LiveStream Trading Course Outlines:




Free Trading Course For Beginners: Learn the Basics

Get started with our free beginners course outlining everything you need to get started in trading. This is 100% free, you don't even have to be a member, simply sign up for our mailing list for instant access:

  • Trading Platform Setup
  • Charting Platform Setup
  • Candlestick Charting Guide
  • Support and Restiance Zones
  • Drawing and Playing Flag Breaks
  • Basic Risk Management Priniciples
  • Understanding "context" In Trades
  • A Typical Traders Journey
  • Introduction to Long Trading
  • Introduction to Short Selling

Advanced Systematic Trading Course

Learn the exact ins and outs of a professional traders strategy with step-by-step instruction (included with any premium membership for FREE!)

  • Risk Management System
  • Learn our 4 Main Setups
  • Long Strategy for Mid/large Caps
  • Using Our Main Indicator
  • Simplifying the "Morning Setup"
  • Defining VALID Long Setups
  • Order Entry - Adding/Removing Liquidity
  • Tape Reading, Level 2, Time and Sales
  • 1500+ Daily Trade Recap Webinars
  • ...and Much More!

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