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Welcome! You've made it to this page which means you take your trading education seriously and you want your best chance at success. You've come to the right place.

I've been trading the market for over 15 years and I take this business very seriously. Our approach to trading, teaching, and helping others to reach their goals with live streamed trades, daily live webinars, and top notch FREE trading education is what sets us apart from every other trading room in the world. LiveStream Trading is truly designed to give you the head start that I never had when I began my trading journey in 2006... so lets get started!

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Get Started With 4 Simple Steps:

1. Join the LiveSteam and Chat Rooms

Start by joining our trading room where we trade stocks, options, and futures live for you to follow and learn from.

You will be able to get a true look over the shoulder of a real professional day trader, and get precise entry and exit points, daily trading education, and real-time analysis that is easy to understand.


2. Watch our FREE Trading Courses

As a member of our live trading community, we want you to immediately get the benefit of understanding our trading strategies, and develop healthy trading habits from the very beginning of your trading career that will last a lifetime.

We don’t think you should have to spend thousands of dollars to get that education so we proudly provide our Systematic Trading Course, as well as over 1000 video lessons and trade recaps of the most detailed, honest, and straight forward content available on the market today for FREE to our live trading group members! 

Get Started Trading Stocks

3. Choose a Broker to Trade With

There are many options when it comes to brokers. We can give recommendations depending on whether you want to trade stocks, options, or futures. 

If you are going to be trading futures with us, we recommend using Ironbeam, because we get discounts with this broker and it would be the most cost effective option with a free platform and low minimums to get started.

If you are looking to trade stocks with a small account, we recommend Trade Zero as our preferred broker because they offer low commissions and access to hard to borrow stocks. As a member of our group you are eligible for additional discounts as well! Start by registering for a FREE account here and the discounts will be applied automatically.

4. Day Trading for a Living

Once you comfortable and profitable with your simulated day trading account, you may choose to fund a live trading account and begin your trading career. You should be patient and wait until you are consistently profitable on your simulated (paper trading) account before you trade with real money. Don't worry, we will help get you there!

At LiveStream Trading we pride ourselves on giving unprecedented support to our group members and providing the highest quality live stream and chat room on the market today with live trades, free video lessons, daily webinars, Q&A sessions, and personalized support to help you achieve your goals as a career trader!

Dedicated to Your Ongoing Trading Education

Courses for all Traders from Beginner to Expert.

Your Trading Education and Foundation Starts Here!


Free Trading Course For Beginners: Learn the Basics

Get started with our free beginners course outlining everything you need to get started in trading. This is 100% free, you don't even have to be a member, simply sign up for our mailing list for instant access:

  • Trading Platform Setup
  • Charting Platform Setup
  • Candlestick Charting Guide
  • Support and Restiance Zones
  • Drawing and Playing Flag Breaks
  • Basic Risk Management Priniciples
  • Understanding "context" In Trades
  • A Typical Traders Journey
  • Introduction to Long Trading
  • Introduction to Short Selling

Advanced Systematic Trading Course

Learn the exact ins and outs of a professional traders strategy with step-by-step instruction (FREE with any premium membership):

  • Risk Management System
  • Learn our 4 Main Trade Setups
  • Long Strategy for Mid/large Caps
  • Using Our Main Indicator
  • How to Trail Winners
  • Understanding multiple time frame context
  • Simplifying the "Morning Setup"
  • Defining VALID Long Setups
  • Order Entry - Adding/Removing Liquidty
  • Tape Reading, Level 2, Time and Sales
  • 2000+ Recorded Trade Recap Webinars

Are You Ready to Take Your Trading to the Next Level?