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LiveStream Trading is the leading stock trading group designed to allow users to follow and learn from a pro day trader via live screen sharing and audio with step-by-step commentary. 

We identify, explain, and execute live trades that our members can follow and learn from in real time – while watching our screens and listening to our thought process along the way.

We believe this to be the fastest and most effective way to communicate trade ideas with precision and timing, allowing our group members to learn and understand the entire thought process leading up to the trade – before the trade takes place! 

LiveStream Trading is the leading affordable all-in-one solution for the aspiring and developing day trader. 

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LiveStream Trading Features

Features that work for you.

Live Screen Share

Follow and learn from a pro trader in action! The live screen share is our most powerful feature, allowing us to give detailed trade plans from entry to exit with live commentary, live alerts, and DAILY video lessons! Watch my live desktop feed while I trade during the day and find out what most newer traders are missing between the lines. Hailed as “the most valuable screen share in the business!”

 Day Trading Chat Room

Our day trading chat room is open 24/7 with real-time trade alerts, news articles, fundamental research, and detailed trade plans. Get connected and feel the difference in a professional welcoming community of talented traders and moderators who are working together as a team to profit in the market on a daily basis. 

 Updating Watch List

Identify the right stocks to trade! We focus on big momentum movers and our watch-list is explained in full detail via screen sharing with live audio each morning. We update the watchlist live during the day so you’ll know exactly what we’re watching and where we plan to trade in real time from start to finish.

 Make Money In ANY Market!

Our focus is identifying and explaining low risk trade setups with high potential reward outcome. It doesn’t matter if we are in a bull market or bear market – We identify and trade stocks with big profit potential – both long and short.

 Mobile and Desktop Alerts

Our chat room allows us to separate topics of discussion into channels so you can cut out the noise and just get the alerts that you want! We also have optional desktop and mobile apps for our chat room and screen share so you can stay connected with us wherever you go, and never miss out on the action!

 Daily Live Webinars

At LiveStream Trading we run a DAILY live webinar at market close where we review every trade in detail and cover various topics so our traders can learn and grow with us as quickly as possible. These webinars have been a huge benefit for our team, and they are recorded every day for review. When there are no trades to be made – We are helping our traders by sharing strategies and philosophies that took over 12 years of market experience to develop and perfect.

 Video Lesson Library

Your ongoing trading education is important to us, and we include that to our trading group members for FREE! Never purchase a course or DVD again – We include our entire trading system, a library of 400+ detailed lessons, DAILY trade recaps, and live webinars explaining our strategies and trading system intimately, so you can continue learning and growing as a trader – even after the market closes!





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Here’s what our members think about LiveStream Trading

Real Comments from Current Traders in our Group

  • I just can’t say enough positive things about this community. No B.S. here, just an awesome group of traders and an amazing leader (Jeff) to teach us. I’m fairly new to trading and have tried a couple of other communities, but I truly believe Livestream Trading is THE BEST out there. I saw huge improvements in my trading from DAY 1. So far, I’m having my best month and… (read more)

    David Kim
  • Hey Jeff. Thanks again for this wonderful guide on learning how to intraday trade. I have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars trying to find an easier way to trade. I have been following the wrong people. I learned so much in this one week that i was in your chat than 6 months with those other services i joined. I can only imagine how much more i can learn from here on. Thanks again. 

    Angel M
  • Special thanks to you guys for all your help and guidance. Just had my best day since joining the community a month ago, +$1315 today!

    Dennis aka @dp_trades
  • I’ve more than doubled my account since I started trading live again 3 months ago. Big thanks to Jeff, the moderators, and everyone on the team for making this possible. 2017 will be a great year!

    Phillip aka @TradeAddict
  • Great live calls by a great teacher. My account at all time highs, but most importantly learning when NOT to trade! The patience and timing is impeccable. Thanks Jeff!

    Eric aka @Trader_Eric
  • Thanks for all your help and the effort you put into the group.  I’m now consistently making $500 a day, and to most people (including myself) that is a life changing amount of money. I’ve learned insurmountable pieces of information in the group, taking your style and mixing it with my own.

    Shane aka 5DNY
  • Hi Jeff, I want to say another thank you! Using the strategies you taught me, I made 3 trades this morning and I’m up $492.30. You’re a great teacher!

    Kristi aka @traderzjourney
  • I wanted to say how helpful this live stream has been in my first two weeks with you. I’ve watched trading DVD’s, videos, and I’ve read books, but seeing an experienced trader explain his trades in real time is so much more helpful. I had my biggest week ever since I started trading with your group. 

    Fred aka FredStock
  • Jeff shows you exactly what he sees in the charts and most importantly what he thinks the person on the other side of the trade is thinking. This is key because the market is fuelled by people’s emotions. Also, due to the fact that you can see his platform, you can witness his trades real time and know that he is actually involved when he says he is. He doesn’t push any positions onto you, giving you the opportunity to manage your own trades based on your own plan.

    George AKA Agrino Captial
  • What a difference a great group of traders make for new guys like me in trading. Great progress for me this week. I experienced a huge change in my confidence and profits when I joined LiveStream – I’ve been around the block in trading rooms and there is no better way to learn than watching Jeff and JB on the LiveStream. 

    Peter Lombardo aka Rogomon
  • The best way to describe LiveStream Trading is no egos & no bs – it’s a supportive community of friendly people that all help one another to become better traders.  Jeff has taught me how to recognize and trade low risk / high reward setups and make consistent profits in any type of market.  Instead of just alerting his trades, he also teaches you how to formulate and execute your own ideas.