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Livestream Trading Features

Experience the Difference when Trading with a Professional Team

Live Futures Trading Stream

Trade alongside a veteran day trader with 18 years of market experience via our daily live stream and chat room. Get live market analysis with detailed trade walk-throughs from entry to exit. We spare no details! You can expect full explanations of the trade, setup, strategy, and plan before the trade is executed, and live guidance during the trade so you can watch, learn, and profit with an experienced trader. Guaranteed to be the most detailed live trading guidance in the market today! 

Day Trading Chat Rooms

Our stock and futures trading chat rooms are professional, organized, and always open. Join a talented community of traders working together to profit in the stock market on a daily basis. We have vetted a talented team of moderators who run both our live stock and futures trading chat rooms, and you can find our main moderator Jeff trading and live streaming futures on a daily basis for the team to follow and learn from. 


Detailed Trade Alerts 

We have mobile and desktop alerts for all members. Each trade is walked through live on the stream and in chat each day. The alerts are fully explained, clear, and concise so even if you can't follow along on the stream, you will never miss an opportunity in the market if you are following our chat room. Learn how to effectively trade stocks, futures, or any asset of your choice with our proprietary trading system.


Watch. Learn. Profit. 

Our goal is to help you become a self-sufficient trader. Learn a systematic approach to trading that applies to any market or time frame. Whether you are day trading, swing trading, or investing, our strategy works on all time frames so you can make the strategy work for you and your schedule whether you are day trading, swing trading, or longer term investing.


Livestream Trading Futures Trading Chat room

Livestream Trading's FREE Courses

Your Comprehensive Guide From Beginner to Expert!

Beginners Trading Course

Get started here! Our beginners trading course is 100% free with any membership level and will ease the new trader into our process with the basics of setting up your trading platform, candlestick charting, risk management, order execution, and much more. 

Systematic Trading Course

Learn a valuable trading system that took over 15 years to develop and perfect. With our systematic approach to trading stocks you can eliminate the guesswork and learn exactly what works in the market today. Trading with clarity and confidence starts with a reliable and back-tested strategy! This course is FREE with any membership level!

Systematic Trading Course

Dedicated to Trading Education and Excellence:

Traders Have Learned the LST System.

Live Trade Alerts and Walk Throughs

Video Lessons and Webinars

Eliminate Guesswork and Emotions From Your Trading

Trade with Confidence and Clarity When Using a Systematic Approach with LIVE Trading Guidance!

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Real Comments from Current Traders on our Team 

Fantastic Mentor, Coach, and Leader.

I just wanted to say that Jeff has helped my trading immensely. Before I joined this group my heart would race and I would be on the edge of my seat as soon as I entered a trade. Having Jeff talk through the trades and outline possible outcomes has really made it a lot easier for me. I am quiet in the chat but I am active nearly everyday and Jeff has helped my patience and my discipline and I just wanted to reach out and say thank you. You're a great mentor Jeff!

Bradon Gill (Verified LST Member)