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We have partnered with some of the best brokers and trading tools in the industrustry! Below is our list of brokers and each one will provide you with a discount for simply being referred by us.

Ironbeam Broker

Ironbeam is our top broker for futures trading. If you plan to trade E-minis or futures with our team, we recommend opening an account with Ironbeam to trade alongside with us. You will receive the discounts listed on the page just for being a friend of the LiveStream Trading team!

Trading View

Trading View is our one-stop-shop for the best charting tools in the market today. Trading View can also be connected to your futures or crypto trading brokerage platforms (I.E. Ironbeam) and you can trade directly from their charts. Trading View also has a free trading simulator. Click the link below to try Trading View for free.

Trade Zero

Trade Zero is our recommended broker for trading stocks and options. They have a great platform and the best availability on shorts for hard to borrow stocks. As a friend of LiveStream Trading you will receive 3 months of free platform use! Simply click below and select "accept this offer" to open your free account!

TC2000 Charting review

TC2000 is an alternative charting platform to Trading View. We love this charting platform because it also includes real-time market scanners and is extremely affordable. Save $30 when you register for TC2000 charts. Click below to try their desktop software for free.

Trading View

If you plan to trade stocks or futures, don't do it alone. Trading is hard but it doesn't have to be! Learn the exact strategy we use to profit in the market on a daily basis with full access to our live stream, chat room, daily training webinars and more! Save 10% via the link below with coupon code: SAVE10!