Gap Scanners and Gap Trading Strategies


In this post we are going to cover how to effectively use a gap scanner to find potential trades in the market, and cover some examples of strategies that can be employed to take advantage of stocks that gap up in the market.

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Secrets to Trading Successfully with the Bearish Flag Pattern

The foundation of technical analysis is based on the premise that individuals can predict highly probable outcomes by analyzing various data points. Despite this, it is a startling reality that most individual traders will lose money consistently when trading in the financial markets, an achievement that a chimp throwing darts at a wheel of stocks could not match.

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Technical Analysis Using Moving Averages

One of the best ways to become profitable in trading any market is to trade with the trend (and using a back-tested system to do so). In this post we are going to review how using technical analysis with moving averages can determine trends and help you better time your trades.
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What is Risk vs Reward or “RR”?

Before opening your live trading account in a brokerage like Trade Zero, you should understand the importance of risk vs reward and the concept of calculating it. Risk management is the most important building block of successful trading. We all buy stocks hoping to build wealth, but sometimes we forget that before trading with our hard-earned cash we need to think about how to avoid losing it!

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CandleStick Charts: Beginners Guide (2021)

As a beginner investor, you've most likely heard of a candlestick charts and chart patterns, but you may not fully understand what it means or how to identify these patterns. Learn all about candlestick charts, patterns, and technical analysis in our free candlestick charting guide below!

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Use a Trading Journal to Improve Your Results (2021)

Using a trading journal to measure and improve your trading

A lot of people believe that looking at your daily PnL is the best indicator of performance, however, keeping a trading journal with detailed logs of every trade that you take might be the best investment you've ever made in yourself as a trader. Here's why:

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Choosing a Day Trading Chat Room in 2021

How To Choose A Day Trading Chat Room

Are you looking at choosing a day trading or investing chat room to gain knowledge, experience, and work with experienced traders with like-minded goals? In this post we will discuss what makes or breaks a day trading chat room, and most importantly what to watch out for when choosing a trading or investing community. 

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Order Types and Execution

Learn Which Orders Do What in the Stock Market

Learn what order types to use when trading stocks. Understanding the meaning of each order type is an important aspect to day trading and investing. In this blog post we will go through the standard order types most brokerages offer, what they mean, and explain when and how you should use them.

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What is Short Selling?

Short selling guide

As we know a market is formed through buying and selling. Most people have the preconceived notion that in order to make money in the market you must buy low and sell high. But did you know you could sell high and buy low to profit on a stocks depreciation in value?

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What is the Short Sale Restriction or SSR

meaning of Short sale restriction

If you’ve been trading stocks for a while, you’ve probably heard the term SSR or "Short Sale Restriction" which is often referred to as the Uptick Rule. In this post we will explore the pros and cons of the SSR and learn how to identify when it is in effect.

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