TC2000 Review: A Robust Suite of Trading Tools

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Author: Jeff Parks

Former prop trader with over 15 years of market experience in day trading, swing trading, and investing. Jeff is the head trader at and provides live market commentary, live trade alerts, and detailed trade analysis for LiveStream Trading members.

TC2000 is a powerful charting platform and stock screener. Learn everything you need to know about TC2000 charts and scanners and try their platform for free!

TC2000 has become a big part of my trading arsenal. As a technical trader, robust charts are very important to me, and furthermore, explaining my trades over our live stream requires a top notch charting program which will allow me to easily plot markers, lines, and data to clearly explain the setups we are playing in our day trading chat room. 

TC2000 Features

This platform is stacked with lots of great features and makes for a very pleasant user experience. 

TC2000 offers a beautiful layout of very nice looking, fully customizable charts and a easy to use interface.

I love the look and feel of this platform, lets go over some of the features.


They have virtually every indicator you could imagine and a collapsible toolbar on the right side of the chart which you can use to plot lines, draw, or even write notes on the charts with. 

TC2000 Indicators

Auto-Saves Plots and Markers

One thing I love about this program is that is auto-saves all the plots and markers you put on your charts, so if 3 months ago I was trading a stock and had marked some important daily chart support and resistance lines, when that stock comes back into play down the road, when I pull the chart up I will already know where to look for support and resistance from the previous days. Very nice feature.

TC2000 review

TC2000 Charts

This is one of my favorite features for busy days where I have more than 8 stocks on my watch-list, I will go over the areas I want to buy/sell/short stocks with our group in the morning and set price alerts with TC2000 so we can be notified when a stock gets near our defined entry points.


You can easily create personal watch-lists using the TC2000 platform which is another great feature to help you keep track of everything in one place.

You can sort watch-lists by technical indicators, fundamental data and your custom criteria.

1. Click "New" and "Personal Watch-List"

1. Click "New" and "Personal Watch-List"

2. Click "+ Syms" to Add Tickers/Symbols to the Watch-List

2. Click "+ Syms" to Add Tickers/Symbols to the Watch-List

3. Enter the Ticker/Symbol Name

3. Enter the Ticker/Symbol Name

4. Manage and View Your Watch-List

4. Manage and View Your Watch-List


This program has pre-built layouts which are a great starting point for building your own custom layout. They allow the ability to save multiple layouts which you can easily flip through via the tabs at the bottom of the main window.

You get access 8 pre-built layouts including Trading, Options, TC Classic, "Drill-Down", Sector by Year, 1-Chart, 4-Time-frame charts, and Fundamentals.

In many cases, I've been saved by their "layout history" feature which periodically saves your current layout in case you accidentally close the platform or lose it and need to recover it!

TC2000 Layouts


I love how easy they made this feature, its a simple right click on the chart at the price you want to be alerted, and select "Create Price Alert"

It takes about 2 seconds and you can choose whether you would like to be notified by an audible sound, or even by email.

This is a very nice and smooth function that I use daily for the stocks that aren't on the top of my watch-list.

You can monitor up to 100 alerts on price, indicators and trend-lines.TC2000 alerts


The scanner tool is pretty neat. I don't do complex scans but it does have some in depth capabilities and you can create your own custom scans easily, or choose from a suite of pre-built scans right out of the box.

TC2000 scans

Paper Trading Simulator

TC2000 also offers a paper trading simulator built right into the platform which I personally have not tried out, but a few of our trading group members use this to follow our trades and learn with, which I highly recommend doing before going into a live market environment with real cash.

TC2000 Pricing Options

The prices are very reasonable for this platform, I would recommend their Gold package which is only $29.00 per month + $15.00 for real-time data - That will get you up and running with the charts, scans, and if you are just learning to trade, you can use the paper trading simulator built right into the platform and follow along with our day trading chat room and live stream to learn in real time. Visit TC2000's website to learn more about their products, and to view their other pricing options.

TC2000 Plans and Pricing

Try TC2000 For Free!

All you need to do is sign up via this link and if you choose to become a subscriber of TC2000 a $25 discount will automatically be applied to your account!

TC2000 Support

Have questions about TC2000? I've only scratched the surface in this post covering their basic features. They have great customer service if you contact them via their website, and they have a very useful discussion forum where the developers and users can help you build scans and reveal in depth the power behind this platform and what you can do with it.

P.S. - Get started with a free day trading video lesson below!

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