Getting Started with LiveStream Trading

Become a better trader in 30 days or less

Congratulations – You’ve taken the first step in becoming a consistently profitable trader. You made it to this page, which means you take your trading education seriously and you want your best chance at success.  

I’ve been trading the market for over 12 years now and I take this business very seriously. Our approach to trading, teaching, and helping others to reach their goals with live streamed trades, daily live webinars, and top notch FREE trading education is what sets us apart from every other trading room in the world. LiveStream Trading is truly designed to give you the head start that I never had when I began my trading journey in 2006, and you will never have to purchase a course or DVD!

Trading the market alone and unprepared is what leads 90% of new traders to failure. By following our live trading, video lessons, daily webinars, and being a part of our community chat room, you are going to have a seasoned team of veteran traders working beside you to guide you through the process. 

What You Can Expect From LiveStream Trading:

Live Trade Alerts – Know exactly where we are looking to trade BEFORE the trade takes place. We have a community of traders working together to profit in the market each day ranging from technical traders to fundamental traders all sharing their expertise in our chat room. 

Live Trades –  My live trades are streamed via our screen share and chat room every day so you can follow along step-by-step from entry to exit. I talk through the trades in real time with intimate detail so you get the experience of trading side by side with an industry veteran.

Chat Room – Our chat room and community is powered by an advanced open source chat platform that allows us to separate different topics of discussion into different channels so you can cut out the noise and just get the alerts and notifications you want. We have chat channels for day trading, swing trading, webinars, video lessons, and general off-topic chat. We also have optional desktop and mobile apps for our chat room and screen share so you never miss any action, and you can stay connected with us wherever you go.

100% FREE Educational Content – Registered users of our trading group will never pay additional costs for a seminar, course, or DVD. We include over 400 detailed video lessons, courses, seminars, and webinars available online today at no additional cost to our trading group members, accessible immediately upon registration to our group. 

Live Webinars – We close out each and every trading session with a live webinar where we talk about our trades for the day, update our trading journals, and do a live Q&A session covering current trading topics and lessons for our video lesson archive. 

Discounts with Brokers – Brokers love us because traders working with us have a much higher success rate, thus keeping their brokerage accounts longer, and often creating lifelong clients for the broker. Our business is showing you how we make money so we can all benefit. We have discounts in place for our group traders with several brokerage firms.

1. Join the Live Screen Share and Chat

Start by joining our trading room where we trade stocks live via our screen share and chat room.

You will be able to watch our screens and listen to our trade plans, lessons, charting techniques and thought processes, giving you a true look over the shoulder of a real day trader. 

We start each morning with a watchlist of high potential stocks and give detailed explanations of where we plan to trade. We continue streaming and trading all day long and share our exact entries, exits, stops, and targets on our trades to follow and learn from.


2. Watch our FREE Video Lessons

As a member of our live trading community, we want you to immediately get the benefit of understanding our trading strategies, and develop healthy trading habits from the very beginning of your trading career that will last a lifetime.

We don’t think you should have to spend thousands of dollars to get that education (whether it be in beginner trading mistakes or in overpriced and outdated “courses” and DVD’s) – We provide over 400 video lessons, trade recaps, and webinars of the most detailed, honest, and straight forward content available on the market today for FREE to our live trading group members.

All of this content is available immediately upon registration to our trading group.

3. Choose a Discount Broker

We recommend Trade Zero as our preferred broker for our non U.S. traders because they offer low minimums (start an account with as little as $500), great service, and have some of the best rates we have ever seen. As a member of our group you are eligible for additional discounts as well. Start by registering for an account here with Trade Zero and the discounts will be applied automatically. If you live in the USA you will need to apply for a Trade Zero brokerage account here instead. 

4. Day Trading for a Living 

Once you comfortable and profitable with your simulated trading account, you may choose to fund a live trading account and begin your trading career. You should be patient and wait until you are consistently profitable on your simulated (paper trading) account before you trade with real money. Don’t worry, we will help get you there!

At LiveStream Trading we pride ourselves on giving unprecedented support to our group members and providing the highest quality live stream and chat room on the market today with live trades, free video lessons, daily webinars, Q&A sessions, and personalized support to help you achieve your goals as a career trader!

We truly look forward to working with you… Lets get started!

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