Getting Started with LiveStream Trading

Become a better trader in 30 days or less

Congratulations – You’ve taken the first step in becoming a consistently profitable trader. You made it to this page, which means you take your trading education seriously and you want your best chance at success.  

I’ve been trading the market for over 10 years now and I take this business very seriously. Our approach to trading, teaching, and helping others to reach their goals with live streamed trades, daily live webinars, and top notch FREE trading education is what sets us apart from every other trading room in the world. LiveStream Trading is truly designed to give you the head start that I never had when I began my trading journey in 2006, and you will never have to purchase a course or DVD!

Trading the market alone and unprepared is what leads 90% of new traders to failure. By following our live trading, video lessons, daily webinars, and being a part of our community chat room, you are going to have a seasoned team of veteran traders working beside you to guide you through the process, and helping you to achieve your goals. 

What You Can Expect From LiveStream Trading:

Live Trade Alerts – Know where we are looking to trade BEFORE the trade takes place. We have a community of traders working together to profit in the market each day ranging from technical traders to fundamental traders all sharing their expertise in our chat room. 

Live Trades – We trade quality over quantity. Expect 1 to 3 of our best live trade ideas per day shared via our live screen share with audio and chat room so you can follow it step-by-step. We talk through the trade with intimate detail on entries, exits, stops, and targets, including detailed commentary on price action and trade management as we work in and out of our trade positions. 

Chat Room – Our chat room and community is powered by an advanced open source chat platform that allows us to separate different topics of discussion into different channels so you can cut out the noise and just get the alerts and notifications you want. We have chat channels for day trading, swing trading, futures trading, webinars, video lessons, and general off-topic chat. We also have optional desktop and mobile apps for our chat room and screen share so you never miss any action, and you can stay connected with us wherever you go!

100% FREE Educational Content – Registered users of our trading group will never pay additional costs for a seminar, course, or DVD. We include some of the most detailed video lessons, courses, seminars, and webinars available online today for free to our dedicated trading group members, accessible immediately upon registration to our group. 

Live Webinars – We close out each and every trading session with a live webinar where we talk about our trades for the day, update our trading journals, and do a live Q&A session covering current trading topics and lessons for our video lesson archive. 

Discounts with Brokers – Brokers love us because traders working with us have a much higher success rate, thus keeping their brokerage accounts longer, and often creating lifelong clients for the broker. Our business is showing you how we make money so we can all benefit. We have discounts in place for our group traders with several brokerage firms.

1. Join the Live Screen Share and Chat

Start by joining our trading room where we trade stocks live via our screen share and chat room.

You will be able to watch our screens and listen to our trade plans, lessons, charting techniques and thought processes, giving you a true look over the shoulder of a real day trader. 

We start each morning with a watchlist of high potential stocks and give detailed explanations of where we plan to trade. We continue streaming and trading all day long alongside our group members and experienced traders/moderators.

Join us at the end of each trading session for our daily webinar and Q&A session where we answer all of our group members questions to make sure they are getting the support they need to succeed and reach their goals. 

2. Watch our FREE Video Lessons

As a member of our live trading community, we want you to immediately get the benefit of understanding our trading strategies, and develop healthy trading habits from the very beginning of your trading career that will last a lifetime.

We don’t think you should have to spend thousands of dollars to get that education (whether it be in beginner trading mistakes or in overpriced and outdated “courses” and DVD’s) – We provide the most detailed, honest, and straight forward content available on the market today for FREE to our live trading group members.

We have personally prepared an extensive video lesson library that you get access to upon registering to our trading group. These lessons will get you up to speed on all of our strategies, philosophies, techniques and teach you how to overcome the hurdles that all new traders face.

We have 8 main quick-start videos that will explain our core strategies to get you started, and then over 65+ premium video lessons and webinars that you can watch at your own leisure to continue learning and growing as a trader (all included with a one month subscription to our trading group).

3. Choose a Discount Broker

We recommend that you begin by trading with a simulated trading account (paper trading) until you are comfortable with order entry and get a feel for the strategies we use. Many brokers allow simulated trading until you are ready to trade real money.

We have a special deal with Sterling Trader Pro in which we can set you up with a simulated trading account to practice on. Please Contact Us for more info.

We recommend Trade Zero as our favorite broker for our non U.S. traders because they offer low minimums (start an account with as little as $500) and have some of the best rates we have ever seen. As a member of our group you are eligible for additional discounts as well. Start by registering for an account here with Trade Zero and the discounts will be applied automatically.

Please note that Trade Zero does not offer their services to U.S. Clients at this time – If you live in the U.S. please contact us for other broker recommendations.

4. Day Trading for a Living 

Once you comfortable and profitable with your simulated trading account, you may choose to fund a live trading account and begin your trading career. You should be patient and wait until you are consistently profitable on your simulated (paper trading) account before you trade with real money. Don’t worry  – We will help get you there!

At LiveStream Trading we pride ourselves on giving unprecedented support to our group members and providing the highest quality live stream and chat room on the market today with live trades, free video lessons, daily webinars, Q&A sessions, and personalized support to help you achieve your goals as a career trader!

We truly look forward to working with you… Lets get started!


Recent Comments From LiveStream Traders:

Real comments from current traders in our group

  • Thanks for all your help and the effort you put into the group.  I’m now consistently making $500 a day, and to most people (including myself) that is a life changing amount of money. I’ve learned insurmountable pieces of information in the group, taking your style and mixing it with my own.

    Shane aka 5DNY
  • Hi Jeff, I want to say another thank you! Using the strategies you taught me, I made 3 trades this morning and I’m up $492.30. You’re a great teacher!

  • I wanted to say how helpful this live stream has been in my first two weeks with you. I’ve watched trading DVD’s, videos, and I’ve read books, but seeing an experienced trader explain his watch list and explain his plans in real time is so much more helpful. I had my biggest week ever since I started trading with your group. 

    Fred aka FredStock
  • Jeff shows you exactly what he sees in the charts and most importantly what he thinks the person on the other side of the trade is thinking. This is key because the market is fuelled by people’s emotions. Also, due to the fact that you can see his platform, you can witness his trades real time and know that he is actually involved when he says he is. He doesn’t push any positions onto you, giving you the opportunity to manage your own trades based on your own plan.

    George AKA Agrino Captial
  • What a difference a great group of traders make for new guys like me in trading. Great progress for me this week. I experienced a huge change in my confidence and profits when I joined LiveStream – I’ve been around the block in trading rooms and there is no better way to learn than watching Jeff and JB on the LiveStream. 

    Peter Lombardo aka Rogomon
  • The best way to describe LiveStream Trading is no egos & no bs – it’s a supportive community of friendly people that all help one another to become better traders.  Jeff has taught me how to recognize and trade low risk / high reward setups and make consistent profits in any type of market.  Instead of just alerting his trades, he also teaches you how to formulate and execute your own ideas.

  • LiveStream Trading has brought something truly valuable to the trading community with screen sharing and live audio. I have learned more in days than I have in months with other rooms. Jeff takes the time to explain everything very clearly alongside the chat room of experienced and supportive traders. Daily seminars, 1on1 support, live lessons, and the list goes on… A++. 

    Dan aka Traderdan
  • LiveStream Trading is hands down the most helpful room I’ve ever been in. Walking me through trades in real time, explaining the plan and executing it in a way that even the newest trader can understand has been a godsend for me. By far the best value I have ever seen in a trading room.

    David aka SleepyT
  • As a fairly new trader (6 months), I often wished I could sit next to a successful trader. LiveStream Trading is as close to that as possible without actually being in the same room.  Screen sharing with audio is a HUGE benefit to any aspiring trader.. so much good information passes through the stream every single day.  My few months with them has improved my trading and my account in a big way!

    Bob aka PinGuy
  • I must say I am very happy to have found LiveStream. Your teaching methods are incredibly easy to follow, even for a new trader. I truly appreciate the work you put in for us in the room. 

    Jan-Torre aka JT