What is LiveStream Trading? 

LiveStream Trading is a live stock trading group designed to allow users to watch and learn from professional day traders via live screen sharing with audio and a community chat room.

We identify, explain, and execute live trades that our members can follow and learn from in real time.

We believe this to be the fastest and most effective way to communicate trade ideas with precision timing, allowing our group members to learn and understand the entire thought process leading up to the trade, and get step-by-step commentary as we manage our trade positions from the entry to the exit with detail. 

Our ultimate goal is to tailor these strategies to your personality type so you can learn to become an independent and profitable trader in our community as quickly as possible.


Day Trading Monitor A

Why LiveStream Trading?

Screen sharing (desktop streaming) with live audio has given us the ability to share information in a way that was never before possible with a chat room alone. The amount of in-depth detail we can share about live trade ideas, price action, stock/chart analysis, fundamental research, tape reading, and live lessons is unprecedented with today’s technology. You can now get the true feel of trading side by side with an industry veteran and get the best experience possible from a trading group – without having to spend thousands of dollars on DVD’s and Courses. 

We want you to begin developing key fundamental trading skills and healthy trading habits from the very start of your career that will last a lifetime. We offer leading tools to the aspiring trader to get the best education possible with live screen sharing, chat rooms, video lessons, courses, daily live webinars, market scanners, and more. 

Who is LiveStream Trading?

LiveStream Trading is currently run by a team of 5 professional traders who each bring their own niche and style to the table to maximize the value of our group. Meet our team:

Jeff aka TSXtrad3r – Head trader specializing in developing and executing low risk trade plans on momentum stocks with big upside potential. With 11 years of market experience stemming from prop trading in his early 20’s, Jeff is known for his valuable live streamed trades and commentary for our group. and his ability to identify momentum shifts in stocks before the herd with tape reading and technical chart analysis. Jeff does daily live streaming of his desktop for our group members all day long, and shares live trades, trade ideas, trading strategies, and daily webinars on trading psychology, philosophy, and coaching/teaching our students on a daily basis.

Niches – Shorting small caps, identifying low risk long setups, identifying momentum changes, tape reading, trading psychology, coaching/teaching.

Jason aka JB – Jason is a professional futures and stock trader with 9 years of experience. He is perhaps one of the most patient and versatile traders we have ever met. He is Jeff’s main trading partner and he is a moderator of the LiveStream Trading chat room. Jason trades E-minis, ETFs, and NASDAQ stocks in the chat room. His niche is identifying low risk trade setups with a high probability of return. Jason is a quality over quantity type trader, and is known for having a very high success rate in his trade ideas and being extremely patient and disciplined while waiting for his setups to trigger.

Niches – Futures Trading, identifying high probability setups, patience, versatility in stock and futures trading.

Drew aka Barktrader – Drew has been a member of the LiveStream trading community since its inception. He is an excellent researcher who digs through SEC filings and dissects press releases and news articles so we can get a stronger bias on our technical trade setups, and often this research leads to us having more confidence to hold our positions longer and get maximum value out of our trades. Drew posts his research on stocks that are in play each morning in our chat room. 

Niches – Fundamental research, Reading and dissecting SEC filings, news and press releases.

Phillip aka Trade Addict – Phillip has been one of our most successful LiveStream Trading students. He has doubled his account in less than 3 months with our group and has a strong understanding on fundamental and technical trading patterns and contributes a lot in the way of live trade ideas and research in our chat room. 

Niches – Short selling stocks based on fundamental research and technical signals to find low risk entry points on momentum stocks. 

Shane aka 5DNY1 – Shane began trading as a student of LiveStream Trading in March 2015 – and as a result of his hard work, determination, and ability to learn quickly though our live screen share, he has recently quit his job and began trading full time with our group. Shane wants to give back to the community what we have given him – the gift of learning to make a better living for himself as a professional trader.

Niches – Scalping style on ETF’s and futures which adds a nice diversity in value to our group.

Our Goals at LiveStream Trading

Our goal at LiveStream Trading is simple – To be the best online trading community in the world, Period. We thrive on a very positive and supportive environment where everyone respects and helps each other, and we work together as a team to make profits on a daily basis. We are most proud of the kinds of people we’ve attracted to our community – Good hard working people who are dedicated and motivated to improving their trading, and helping others to succeed. 

We have helped many traders find their edge in the market and we welcome you to be our next team member!