A Systematic Approach to Trading the Markets with LIVE Trades!

What is Systematic Trading?

Systematic trading means we use a specific set of pre-defined rules and criteria to validate trades which completely eliminates guesswork, emotion, and discretion from trading.

Every trade will have a pre-defined low risk entry point (explained beforehand) with a pre-defined profit target and risk level. When you are using a systematic approach to trading, you give yourself a statistical edge in the market, which makes trading much more enjoyable, less stressful, and most importantly; more profitable. 

Our trading system has been refined over 12 years of trading and back-testing. All of our trade setups, rules, and criteria are explained and included in the video lessons for members of our trading group, and our trading system is traded live via our live stream and chat room every single day so you can watch it live in action with clear step-by-step instruction. 


What Separates LiveStream Trading from other Trading Groups?

1. Live Trading and Guidance: Learn WHEN to enter a trade and WHY. Get trade ideas explained well ahead of time with entries, exits, targets and stops to follow, and executed live. Our strategy is all about properly timing entry points on stocks to maximize reward while minimizing risk exposure. We walk the trades through step-by-step via screen share and our chat room.

2. Focus on risk management: Learn WHAT to risk and WHEN. Become a master of risk management. Our FREE trading course explains our systematic approach to risk management, and how we time our trades to reduce risk exposure and maximize reward – Learn the setups that work, and learn how to time them effectively with confidence. 

3. Daily Live Webinar and Q&A Sessions: In addition to trading live each day, we also run a live webinar at the end of each trading session where we review every trade and answer questions to make sure our group traders are getting the support they need, and accelerating their learning curve as quickly as possible. These webinars are recorded every day and posted to our website so our traders can review the trades to learn and grow whenever they have free time. 

4. No Course, No DVD, No BS: We do NOT sell any additional products or up-sell. All we want to know is that you are committed enough learn for one month with our group and you can access our entire video library which includes hundreds of hours worth of our premium video lesson and webinar content that cover everything from our best trade setups, risk management system, trading strategy, trading psychology, trade recaps, and much more.

We record our daily webinars which outline our trades, strategies, and plans for the next trading day so that our students can review them anytime they like. If you are a student, or trading part time, this the perfect way to stay on top of things at your own leisure. 

5. Chat Room 24/7: We never close. Our chat room is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and our community is very friendly and knowledgeable, always ready and willing to help. Reach our moderators any time with questions, and be part of a very tight knit and professional community of traders.

We want you to begin developing key fundamental trading skills and healthy trading habits from the very start of your career that will last a lifetime. We offer leading tools to the aspiring trader to give the best education possible with live screen sharing, chat rooms, video lessons, courses, daily live webinars, market scanners, and more. 

Who is LiveStream Trading?

LiveStream Trading is currently run by a team of 5 professional traders who each bring their own niche and style to the table to maximize the value of our group. Meet our team:

Jeff aka TSXtrad3r – Head trader specializing in timing and executing low risk trade plans on momentum stocks with big reward potential. With 12+ years of market experience stemming from prop trading in his early 20’s, Jeff is known for his valuable live streamed trades and commentary for our group, as well as his ability to identify momentum shifts in stocks before the herd with tape reading and technical analysis. Jeff does daily live streaming of his desktop for our group members all day long, sharing live trades, technical analysis, trading strategies, and daily webinars.

Niches – Identifying low risk trade setups and timing trades efficiently for minimal risk exposure. Trading psychology. Coaching/teaching.

Drew aka Barktrader – Drew has been a member of the LiveStream trading community since its inception. He is an excellent researcher who digs through SEC filings and dissects press releases and news articles so we can get a stronger bias on our technical trade setups, and often this research leads to us having more confidence to hold our positions longer and get maximum value out of our trades. Drew posts his research on stocks that are in play each morning in our chat room. 

Niches – Fundamental research and analysis. Reading and dissecting SEC filings. Sharing news and press releases.

Philipp aka Trade Addict – Phillip has been one of our most successful LiveStream Trading students. He has nearly tripled his account in less than 6 months with our group and has a strong understanding of fundamental and technical trading patterns, and he contributes a lot in the way of live trade ideas and research in our chat room. Philipp often live streams his desktop for us on Friday afternoons. 

Matt aka Notah – Matt is a largecap day trader at SMB capital and one of the key moderators of our day traidng chat room.

Niches – Mid/Large Cap Trading Strategies. Philipp focuses mainly on big board stocks, Matt focuses on all higher priced stocks.

Shane aka 5DNY1 – Shane began trading as a student of LiveStream Trading in March 2015 – and as a result of his hard work, determination, and ability to learn quickly though our live screen share, he has recently quit his job and began trading full time with our group. Shane wants to give back to the community what we have given him – the gift of learning to trade, and making a better living for himself as a professional trader.

Niches – Scalping style on ETF’s and futures which adds a nice diversity and value to our group.

Our Goals at LiveStream Trading

Our goal at LiveStream Trading is simple – To continue being the leading online trading community in the world. We have created many successful traders through our process and we all work together as a team to make profits on a daily basis. We are very proud of the kind of people we’ve attracted to our community – Good hard working people who are dedicated and motivated to improving their trading, and helping others to succeed. Check out some real comments from current members of our group

We have helped many traders find their edge in the market and we welcome you to be our next team member!