Video Lesson: Day Trading Range Breaks

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Author: Jeff Parks

Former prop trader with over 15 years of market experience in day trading, swing trading, and investing. Jeff is the head trader at and provides live market commentary, live trade alerts, and detailed trade analysis for LiveStream Trading members.

What a week so far - small cap runners are back full force! Thanks to one of my favorite new brokers, Trade Zero, we were able to capture a lot of these moves on the short side as well with their incredible borrows through vision clearing.

As many of you know, we do a live webinar at the end of each day where we cover the days trades, live lessons, watch lists, members Q&A sessions, and more.

We do this to provide the utmost value to our trading group on a daily basis - and to help develop the traders in our group as quickly as possible.

In the Webinar / Video Lesson

In today's webinar we covered a few topics ranging from today's trades to a lesson on trading range breakouts, shorting the backside of parabolic moves, and some trading psychology.

Enjoy the video lesson and until next time, trade safe and trade smart!

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