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At LiveStreamTrading.com we encourage that you be realistic with your goals and expectations as a new trader. This is a big part of what we believe sets us apart from other services. Our goal at LiveStream Trading is to do our very best to provide you with the tools, education, strategies, and knowledge required to position you for success in this business, but like anything in life, it is not guaranteed. We take an honest approach with our services and we think that it is extremely important that you realise that successful day trading is a skill that takes time and discipline to develop, and success levels will vary from person to person.

While we may help you in many ways to accelerate your learning curve and understanding of the trading business, you need to have personal rules to protect your capital, like setting stop losses to minimise risk, and having a plan before every trade so you know when/where to cut off a losing position. Please note that even when using these capital protection strategies, by investing in stocks you are exposed to a large amount of risk and you are solely liable for the risk you assume. We sincerely appreciate your interest in joining our trading team, and we look forward to working with you to help you achieve your trading goals!


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Last updated: 10-07-2015