October 13, 2016 TSXtrad3r

Develop a Trading System That Works for YOU!

Develop a trading system that works for you

I’ve worked with a lot of traders over the years, from prop trading in my early 20’s to running our live trading group at LiveStream Trading 10 years later. As you can imagine, I’ve met just about every type of trader there is.

In fact, I’ve worked with hundreds of traders in person and online, and the one major thing that I’ve learned as a trader and educator is this:

What works for one trader, may not work for another trader. There is no “one size fits all” trading system!

This is what we believe sets LiveStream Trading apart from so many other trading groups out there.

Learn to think like a professional trader

You see, being able to identify chart patterns and low risk setups is one thing, and those you can learn within one month with our group, but our goal always has been, and always will be, to help you find your niche, and develop a trading system and strategy that works for you as an individual.  

Sure, you could just follow my trades every day with live entries, exits, stops, and targets over the screen share and chat – I know there are many who do and enjoy that level of detail and intimacy, but my hope is that you use those trades to learn what an experienced trader is thinking, learn how they plan trades, react to price action, and ultimately we hope you use it to help develop your own trading system that suits your personality type. 

In conclusion

We start our new traders off with my strategy, trading rules, and broker connections, and of course my live commentary and trade ideas via our live screen share, and then we help tailor that strategy to the individual trader so it matches their personality type and comfort level so they can learn to grow in a way that works for them as an individual. 

Check out our latest video explaining this concept and learn how LiveStream Trading can help take your trading to the next level:


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